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Waterbed heater pad

Controller install

  • The heater is there to bring the water in your water mattress to an acceptable temperature for the human body to sleep. While personal preference plays a role, a good starting point is around 85 degrees.
  • First, place the heating pad in the center area of the deck avoiding the cracks in the deck. For queen and super single beds, place the heating pad onto one side or the other. DO NOT PLACE HEATING PAD ON ANY CRACKS. Then, mount the thermostat to the side of the bed with the screws provided. Take note of where your wall outlet is to accommodate the length of your cord. Consult your owner’s manual for different mounting instructions. Run the thermostat control’s sensor tube up through the cut corner of your deck and mount with hardware provided. Note that the sensor tube should be placed 12″ away from the heating pad. Plug the heating pad into the thermostat controller.
  • Test your heater by plugging it in and moving the thermostat up to it’s highest temperature setting. Place your hand on the heater pad for the presence of heat. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HAND ON THE PAD FOR ANY EXTENDED LENGTH OF TIME. Unplug your thermostat controller and wait for the heater pad to cool down. NEVER PLUG HEATER IN UNTIL THE MATTRESS IS COMPLETELY FILLED.
  • Next, unfold your safety liner and center inside your frame to all four corners. Remove all creases. Your safety liner is there to capture any water, should a leak occur. NEVER use a water mattress without a safety liner. Check that your heater pad has not changed it’s position.

Now you’re ready for the water mattress. NOTE that these instructions should come secondary to any manufacture’s instructions. These instructions should only be used as a guide.


unfolding your liner

Making sure it's centered

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