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Is sleeping on a waterbed healthy?Waterbed information

A waterbed supports every inch of your body because it conforms to the exact shape of your body. It eliminates those uncomfortable pressure points that keep you tossing and turning. It has been estimated that a conventional spring mattress puts as much as eighty pounds of pressure per square inch on certain parts of your body. A water mattress does not… because it distributes your weight over your entire body while providing excellent support! Hospitals long ago discovered the therapeutic benefits of flotation sleep. Aside from the obvious advantage of a better night’s rest, waterbeds greatly reduce the discomfort of arthritis or back ailments. Hospitals find waterbeds especially useful in treatment of burn victims, eye and brain surgery postoperative care, and in preventing bed sores among patients unable to move easily.

Do I ever need to change the water?

Not unless you’re moving your bed. The only thing you need to ever do is to care for the water with periodic conditioning. You’ll either add conditioner every 6 months to 2 years, depending on the concentrate. Helpful hint: Take a permanent marker and record the date of your last or next treatment on the tag of your mattress.

How do I find and repair a leak?
Finding the leak is your biggest challenge. You should first look for the leak prior to draining your bed. If it is on the top, or close to the top, of your mattress, it can be repaired without draining.

Once you locate the leak, you’ll need a repair kit (glue & vinyl). First, make sure the damaged area is dry and apply a puddle of glue to the damaged area. For pinholes, you’ll want to cut a repair roughly the size of a quarter. Apply the quarter-sized repair over the damaged area and move the repair around with it finally resting centered over the hole. Allow the repair to dry for 20-30 minutes. Caution: If you’ve drained your mattress and are inflating it with air (shop vac), do not roll the mattress around thus disturbing the material inside (waveless type mattresses).

How much does a waterbed weigh?
A waterbed weights approximately 1500 lbs, and there are some waterbeds that weigh as little as 600 lbs. Any dwelling that meets minimum building code standards is more than adequate to support the largest waterbed. The fact is, a waterbed creates less of a floor load than a filled bath tub, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine or ten guests.

What is conditioner?
Conditioner is a combination of algaecide and vinyl conditioners. It is responsible for keeping your water clean and conditions the vinyl from the inside. DO NOT use bleach. While it will keep the water clean, it will also harm the vinyl.

Is a waterbed helpful for those with arthritis?
The answer is a big yes! The heat from a waterbed provides significant relief for arthritis sufferers. Aside from the obvious advantage of a better night’s rest, waterbeds greatly reduce the discomfort of arthritis or back ailments. For years, our arthritic customers have said how much their waterbeds have helped!

My waterbed has a funny smell! Why is that?
Odors generally come from one of two places. The first, which is the most common, is from unconditioned water. Bacteria will grow at a rapid rate should you neglect conditioning your water mattress. A shock treatment (WHAT IS A SHOCK TREATMENT?) is usually the only cure for this problem. Once treated, you should notice a difference in smell in as little as a week. In addition, water mattresses can condensate on the outside creating an environment for bacteria to grow (black spots). Should you find this situation, it is best to take a combination of baking soda and water to neutralize the bacteria. Then some water-based vinyl cleaner usually sold by your waterbed retailer.

The second cause for waterbed smells is in the vinyl. Some water mattress are made of recycled vinyl which over time produces a smell (especially with high heat settings). There is no real solution to the problem other than replacing your mattress.

How long does it take to heat a waterbed?
A 300 watt heater will heat a waterbed approximately 3-6 degrees per 24 hours. Many people make the mistake of thinking their heater isn’t working because they have filled their bed from an outside source. If the water in your bed is 70° then it will take 3 days for it to become acceptable to sleep on. The solution is to fill your bed from the inside using both hot and cold water (never all hot water).

Will I ever need to add water?
Probably. Since water is made up of both hydrogen and oxygen, it only makes sense that water does give off oxygen. Water conditions in your area greatly effect this but, usually water is needed once a year.

Why is my bed so noisy?
That would be air that the water has released. You should burp your mattress twice a year and things will quiet down.



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