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Attached King 100% Brushed Microfiber Waterbed Sheets with Pole Attachment. Experience the comfort and Soft Touch Feel as if these linens were made from Egyptian Cotton with 100% of these bed linens are made of high strength Microfiber Wrinkle Freeyarns that will stay soft for years to come.

  •  Royal Tradition Brand
  •  100% Brushed Microfiber
  •  4" Hemming, Flats & Pillow cases•
  • Fitted sheet pockets made with POLE attachment for better hold
  • Fitted & Flat sheets are attached at the footer so bed stays made
  • Includes top and bottom sheets attached and 2 pillow cases (1 Super Single)
  • Available in King,  Queen and Super Single (see drop down for your size)


*** Poles is NOT Include ***

Washing Instructions

  • Line or Tumble Dry
  • To minimize wrinkles, place on bed immediately after drying.
  • To minimize or eliminate pilling, remove from dryer immediately after cycle ends, and avoid using fabric softener, or wearing oils or creams to bed.
  • All cotton will shrink slightly the first time it is washed. Your sheets will appear slightly too large before washing.

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