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5 board type frame
Attaching the Siderails
Attaching the flat headboard
Bookcase style frame
There are two types of waterbeds that will be addressed in these instructions: Box Type and Bookcase Type.

    • Lay out your frame and hardware. Note that the backboard and footboard have a 3/4″ groove and they should be facing one another with all boards finished side down.
    • Attach your headboard to your backboard with the hardware provided. Make sure the groove is facing the inner part of the bed. Attach your “L” braces on the backboard at each end. Make sure and leave about an 1/8″ inset from the end of the board and your “L” brace. This ensures a tight fit later.
    • Now come down to the end of your side rails and attach your “L” braces to the end of each side rail. Again leave your brace about 1/8″ inset.


  • Six screws total go in each corner. Most Waterbed “L” brace hardware has a locking hole. Use one screw in each corner in your locking hole. This insures your frames stability.
  • Now attach your footboard to each side rail. Ensure you have a flush fit. Here’s where the slight differences come in. On your Box Frame simply attach your backboard flush to the end of the side rail.
  • On your Bookcase Frame the side rails are roughly 8″ longer. This is the extension for your headboard to rest on. The mounting of your backboard can be accomplished by taking one of your deck boards as a measuring tool. Slide your deck board in the groove of the footboard. Then bring your backboard forward until it fits tight in its groove. Attach your backboard with three screws on each side. This ensures a near perfect fit when you place your frame back on your deck. Remove the deck board and proceed to the



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Pedestal layout
Pedestal assembled
Corner connection
laying down your deck boards
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