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Includes glue and repair material to repair most leaks.


How do I find and repair a leak?

Finding the leak is your biggest challenge. You should first look for the leak prior to draining your bed. If it is on the top or close to the top your mattress can be repaired without draining. Once you locate the leak you'll need a repair kit (Glue & Vinyl). For pinholes you'll want to cut a repair roughly the size of a quarter. Make sure the damaged area is dry and apply a puddle of glue to the damaged area. Apply the quarter sized repair over the damaged area and move the repair around with it finally resting centered over the hole. The repair should be dry in 20-30 minutes. Caution: If you've drained your mattress and are inflating it with air (shop vac) do not roll the mattress around thus disturbing the material inside (waveless type mattresses).

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